FarmLab | Mushroom Hack at Manchester Science Festival
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Mushroom Hack at Manchester Science Festival

We pooled together our mushroom growing problems and linked up with fellow mushroom grower, Oz from Rooting and Fruiting based in Todmorden.

Putting out a call for citizens to come and help us solve these problems, we invited Hayley from The Shed and Dave and Julian from Thingsmanchester help out at our hack with an amazing space and access to an open technology network.

As members of the PWC Social Entrepreneurs’ club, we were really fortunate to have Mark, from PWC join us to see what we do and meet and chat with the teams.

Everyone had a chance to make a bag of DIYmushrooms with our resident microbiologist, Paolo to get their heads and hands on the challenges. We had a diverse pool of talent with folks with backgrounds in engineering, chemistry, design, geography and science communication plus people with growing experience and the amazing Amy who is just super creative and spans every discipline going.

You can find the mushroom growing instructions online.

Thanks to Soup Collective for the video capturing our design approach and Charmaine for creating an on the hour social media of the hack.

Took place at:

Manchester Science Festival

Sat 29 Oct 2016 The Shed, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5GD

11 – 18.00

Get involved with innovative mushroom growing. Join FarmLab to brainstorm and design open-source tools to help mushroom growers all over the world. No growing experience required – simply a creative, open mind. Lunch and refreshments provided.


October 2016


21st July 2016