FarmLab | Our story
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Our story

Get to know us better
Caroline Ward is a visual artist and Erinma Ochu is a science communicator who learned to grow organically in the countryside as trainee farmers on the FarmStart programme run by The Kindling Trust. For two years we nurtured 0.25 acres of land to grow onions, garlic, squash, fennel, beetroot, tomatoes and salad.

Getting Started

In 2015 we decided to bring farming closer to the city. We started by running a Farm Hack at Manchester Science Festival, bringing together farmers, designers and scientists to help solve farming challenges. Applying successfully for start up grants was a first step to developing the idea of prototyping the future of urban farming.

Our Funders

We are funded by The Wellcome Trust, HEFCE UnLTD, HEIF and The School of Social Entrepreneurs.